• MusclePharm


    We built a custom Magento eCommerce site, along with robust integrations, for the clothing brand endorsed by Michael Vick, Chad Ochocinco, and Clay Guida, to name a few.

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  • Lori Greiner

    Lori Greiner

    Regarded as one of the most prolific inventors of retail products, we had the pleasure of working with the famous Lori Greiner in developing a web and mobile presence to properly represent her well established brand.

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  • Energy Results - Best Buy

    Energy Results - Best Buy

    Clique redesigned the interface and user experience for an in-store deployment, meeting all branding requirements of a major retailer, developed for iPad and web, and launching in a month.

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  • Geofeedia


    A revolutionary new platform, Geofeedia enables journalists, brands and officials to monitor social media by location. Clique developed branding, the marketing site, and delivered the demo video.

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  • DinnDinn


    A brand new app for the casual foodie, we brought DinnDinn to life, from strategy to design to development. Says the founder: Clique “went way beyond our expectations in both quality of product and time of build.”

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  • ContextMedia:Health


    One of Chicago’s true success stories, ContextMedia has grown to tens of millions in revenue with targeted health programming networks. We delivered a beautiful, responsive interactive home.

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  • Swingbyte


    Even Playboy considers it one of the coolest products around. We proudly assisted the team at SwingByte in not only developing their online presence, but also bring their incredible app to the next level with a full UI/UX upgrade across all mobile platforms.

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  • RetroFit


    Clique worked with the RetroFit team to develop an engaging UI/UX experience to promote an awesome new approach to weightloss.

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  • The Glass Mustachery

    The Glass Mustachery

    Focused on what really matters: mustaches. The Glass Mustachery is the home to the original mustache mirror, and we built them an eCommerce site to spread their important message.

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  • UltraPawn


    Trailblazing a new vertical: the pawn shop for the sophisticated consumer, this startup launched in 2013 and has already been featured in WGN and Crains. Features customized eCommerce with in-depth integrations and CRM.

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  • Sponsormaker


    A fully custom Magento eCommerce implementation, Sponsormaker helps organizations find better sponsors. Search a database of thousands of brands, order custom actions, and contact them seamlessly.

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  • 33 Realty

    33 Realty

    As leaders in an extremely competitive Chicago real estate market, 33 Realty needed a digital presence that matched their efforts on the ground and integrated with current systems.

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  • Youcopia Products, Inc.

    Youcopia Products, Inc.

    Youcopia Products is the creator of famous products such as the Spice Stack and Coffee Stack, bringing simple innovations that make life better to home owners. Our team helped unite their brand and provide a scalable brand platform as their business grows.

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  • Emote


    Debuting a new system of talk therapy by leveraging digital mediums to be more accessible, we're working with EMOTE to provide a new solution for an important market. First step: an engaging, responsive web presence.

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  • Allerton


    A 1,500 acre natural treasure owned by the University of Illinois, Allerton Park & Retreat Center needed a cutting-edge, informative home — and we delivered.

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  • DDI System

    DDI System

    DDI’s high-powered software helps businesses nationwide from ERP to eCommerce, mobile and business analytics. We rebuilt their site with a people-focused approach.

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  • FURminator


    CLIQUE was called upon to design and develop a new interactive home for one of the nation's leading pet brands. We reimagined the site with integrated eCommerce, a product selector, store finder, and more.

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  • The Energy Foundry

    The Energy Foundry

    We built a forward-looking new website for Energy Foundry, the $22.5MM impact venture fund focused on energy tech.

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  • B2 Aviation

    B2 Aviation

    Designed and developed the website for the newly-launched luxury aircraft management and charter company.

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  • Tesori


    Set in the heart of Chicago’s Loop, tesori offers theatre-goers a prime location and even better food; we helped bring the new restaurant to the web with a clean, interactive website.

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  • Sleep With a Purpose

    Sleep With a Purpose

    Think Tom's Shoes: For every mattress sold, a mattress donated to those in need. Clique got on board to direct digital strategy, promotional campaigns, and eCommerce implementation.

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  • Culture Studio

    Culture Studio

    A long-time client, Culture Studio has seen explosive growth, handling printing and embroidery for the likes of Threadless, Ford, and Absolut. We rebuilt their interactive presence last year with a seamless ordering system and robust CMS.

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  • Greenside Design Build

    Greenside Design Build

    Greenside specializes in creating stunning homes for their clients through renovations and new construction.   With a growing portfolio of quality work, we helped create a stunning home of their own, online.

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  • EcoCar2 - Argonne National Laboratory

    EcoCar2 - Argonne National Laboratory

    A truly awesome project backed by major corporations to support some of the brightest students in the country compete for energy efficient automotive design.

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  • Burg Translations

    Burg Translations

    An industry leader with over 75 years experience in delivering translation services and consistent innovations, Clique helped Burg continue their history of using modern trends and technology to drive their business with a sleek new site!

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  • Cy Fredrics Jewelers

    Cy Fredrics Jewelers

    One of Chicago's finest luxury jewelers, Clique powered Cy Fredrics with online retail and a look catered to their high end clientle.

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  • Via Forensics

    Via Forensics

    Leaders in mobile forensics with an incredible team of experts and cutting edge technology, we helped deliver a highly secure and professional web and mobile presence that is "almost" as innovative as the Via Forensics team themselves!

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  • Revenge Of The Electric Car

    Revenge Of The Electric Car

    It's back! The producers of one of our favorite documentaries, "Who Killed The Electric Car," came to us for a new site to promote the sequel.

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  • State Restaurant

    State Restaurant

    If you live in Chicago, you've been to STATE. Capturing the vibe at State along with Party Booking and Giftcard purchasing delivers class with function.

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  • Waterbelly


    Trey Ward designed a solar-powered watering system while still a student at the University of Illinois. We helped launch a professional impression of his business to the world.

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  • WTS Paradigm

    WTS Paradigm

    With an exciting company culture and game-changing software solutions, WTS's website was taken to the next level in design and functionality.

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  • Scanlife


    The world leader in mobile barcoding technology.

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  • Lyons Township

    Lyons Township

    A visionary Township, Lyons was outfitted with a robust modern website to expand their toolset for the community.

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  • Momentum Scientific

    Momentum Scientific

    A growing business, Clique designed a scalable solution that enabled Momentum to manage content, contacts, and grow their site with their business.

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  • Pancreatic Nutritional Program

    Pancreatic Nutritional Program

    Clique Studios delivers a new online presence for the Pancreatic Nutritional Program, a health and wellness practice that provides clients with improved lives and weight loss.

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  • Karismatic


    Karisa DeLuca provides custom makeup for brides, beauty and the big screen — including many high-profile films. We provided a powerful new site with integrated social media, photo feeds, and content management.

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  • American Mattress - Mobile

    American Mattress - Mobile

    Resulting in a 250% increase in mobile traffic, Clique helps one of Chicagolands' favorite brands capitalize on mobile marketing.

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  • Atria Capital
  • Grace


    We are honored to work with Curtis on the unveiling of his new restaurant. With all the anticipation, the team launched a Buzz Site with a progressive timeline to keep fans coming back for more!

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  • Magellan


    Chicago's finest in luxury living with world famous architecture!

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  • Sabre - College Safety Program

    Sabre - College Safety Program

    Sabre continues to expand their efforts in keeping people safe. In 2011, they dedicated several resources to helping college students.

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  • UltraPawn: Waiter (Video 1)

    UltraPawn: Waiter (Video 1)

    To build engagement in the newly launched online pawn broker, Clique directed and produced spots illustrating the “ULTRA” difference.

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  • UltraPawn: Ride (Video 2)

    UltraPawn: Ride (Video 2)

    To build engagement in the newly launched online pawn broker, Clique directed and produced spots illustrating the “ULTRA” difference.

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  • Leadapparel.com
  • UltraPawn: Blind Date (Video 3)

    UltraPawn: Blind Date (Video 3)

    To build engagement in the newly launched online pawn broker, Clique directed and produced spots illustrating the “ULTRA” difference.

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  • Claudio Riaz

    Claudio Riaz

    With front placement at Barneys New York and a who's who in hollywood list of clientele, we helped bring Claudio Riaz online with his new cosmetic product line as well as the brushes that made him famous.

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  • American Mattress

    American Mattress

    With over 80 locations in Illinois and Indiana, American Mattress is one of the largest and most respected mattress retailers in the country.

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  • Atema


    When your client is an expert in quality, expectations are high.  With multiple services and industries served, we helped architect an informative website and helped Atema leverage their site as an effective communication channel.

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  • AutoValue


    Launched an online instant-win "Adver-Game" that prompted consumers to register, pick a driver, and take a few laps for a chance to win a Dodge Challenger.  Over 35,000 entries.  Site visits to increased by 67% YTD.

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  • Bone and Joint Physicians
  • Catch Boutique

    Catch Boutique

    A star was born. Actually, quite a few — and Catch Boutique realized they needed a wardrobe. Hopefully Jaime Pressly, Vanessa Minnillo, Stacy Keibler, Bai Ling, Kelly Slater and the other stars at the launch party were happy too.

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  • City of Chicago
  • Coast by Magellan

    Coast by Magellan

    A new landmark Lakeshore East property by Magellan, Coast’s soothing modern apartments create a personal urban beachside resort. Clique designed and developed the new digital presence for the exciting new property.

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  • Coinstar


    In under 2 weeks, put together a full sweepstakes program including website, creative, rules & QC/QA for Coinstar to promote their sponsorship of a young gun for a NASCAR series race. 20,000+ entries. 15,000+ opt-ins for future marketing.

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  • Cortland Global

    Cortland Global

    A global presence was needed to launch the brand of a premier capital market services shop. High finance in High style.

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  • Energy Results

    Energy Results

    Shepherded a brand-new user experience (UX) for the in-depth and feature-laden platform that makes energy efficiency easy and affordable for all.

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  • Evzdrop (Video)

    Evzdrop (Video)

    This new iPhone app lets you listen to places through people to be informed and entertained. Clique was called upon to direct and produce a brand story video.

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  • Family Dollar - 50 Days of Giveaways

    Family Dollar - 50 Days of Giveaways

    Designed an instant-win game offering users the chance to win daily prizes or a Ford Fusion Hybrid, secured at no cost. 350,000+ entries. 250,000+ opt-ins.

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  • Family Dollar - Cute as Kidget

    Family Dollar - Cute as Kidget

    Implemented a user-generated photo contest to highlight the launch of new Kidget clothing line.  Consumers were motivated by a chance to have their child star in an advertising campaign.  50,000+ photos uploaded.  Kidget sales exceeded 7% over goal.

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  • For A Better Chicago

    For A Better Chicago

    We love Chicago and were excited to be a part their vision by delivering a robust website for building awareness, contacts, and getting their message out.

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  • Geofeedia (Video)

    Geofeedia (Video)

    In addition to designing and developing a new web presence, Clique directed and produced a demo video that leads a user through the application.

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  • Gorillascan


    Physical meets virtual with our dynamic suite of QR code solutions.

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  • Griffin Pipe Products

    Griffin Pipe Products

    Griffin Pipe Products Co. is a leading manufacturer of water transmission products in North America. We built them a brand new online home, complete with robust functionality related to products, contacts, and FAQs.

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  • HealthPark Valet

    HealthPark Valet

    A unique valet service company focused on patients and guests in hospitals, HealthPark approached Clique to build the new digital hub for their marketing efforts.

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  • H-E-B


    Site was designed and launched in 3 weeks.  30,000+ entries and sales of private labeled cleaning products resulted in 6% over goal. Site visits to increased by 9% YTD.

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  • Jennie and Vera's Cookies

    Jennie and Vera's Cookies

    It's true, we accepted cookies as part of our compensation. Celebrated by the starts and packed in the giftbags for the red carpet, you'll instantly know why!

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  • Lady Quarters
  • Larsen Packaging

    Larsen Packaging

    Since 1987, Larsen has grown into a leader in the packaging space, and we are helping them take their next step, embracing B2B eCommerce with a custom Magento implementation.

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  • Lifelock


    Lifelock invested millions to secure title sponsorships of 2 NASCAR Races and needed a massive win in their marketing.  Designed the "Lock In To WIN" Sweepstakes, offering chance to win $1,000,000. Over 100,000 entries and over 50 million (est.) impressions.

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  • March Boutique
  • Market


    One of Chicago's hotspots needed a site that would "deliver". No really, we enabled online ordering of their tasty menu for carryout delivery.

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  • Mindspring Partners

    Mindspring Partners

    A staffing firm boosting a level professionalism and quality not common to the industry, Clique was able to assist in matching that stand out quality with a streamlined solution for their new website.

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  • Miss Oops

    Miss Oops

    Missoops is internationally recognized as the leader in problem-solving products for women. Featured on such shows as The View, E!, and The Today Show... It was time for Clique to bring their eCommerce site to the next level.

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  • MLE, Inc.
  • Northbrook Suites
  • Oak Street Salon

    Oak Street Salon

    Oak Street Salon underwent new management, and realized the importance of branding online as part of the big transition.   Clique helped ease them into a professional site that integrates with their booking system and Aveda products store.

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  • Oakley Home Builders

    Oakley Home Builders

    Oakley Home Builders is a leading custom home builder in the Chicago area. They turned to Clique to build a robust new interactive home, featuring Content Management, property posting, flash design, and more.

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  • openScramble


    Currently in beta, this new platform will allow golfers to book tee times for thousands of courses in one easy-to-use interface. Clique led the UX, build and management of integrations and APIs.

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  • Petrosino's Parlor

    Petrosino's Parlor

    "It's not a haircut, It's an Experience..."  For Chicagoans lucky enough to discover Petrosino's Parlor, it truly is a unique experience with incredible talent.  Our team helped translate that experience through a web and mobile presence.

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  • Pin2Sell


    With mentions in Crain's Chicago, Tech Cocktail, and boasting more than 500 users within the first month.  Pin2Sell.com is out social commerce experiment that is a first tool designed to help entrepreneurs and creatives promote commerce on Pinterest.

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  • Progressive Youth Connection
  • PromoGroup


    PromoGroup is a 40-year-old staple of Chicago promotions, and has done work for the likes of Lowes, Macys, The Home Depot, and scores of others. Check out their new digital home.

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  • Remember.com


    Capture your memories, forever. An innovative startup we had the pleasure of working with, and continue to grow with.

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  • Sabre


    The leading provider of self defense pepper sprays had us "spice" up their site with a refreshed design.

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  • Scan For Deals

    Scan For Deals

    ScanForDeals.com works with local merchants to provide affordable billboard advertising through the use of QR and mobile technology.

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  • Sears / Share The Celebration

    Sears / Share The Celebration

    Designing of a big giveaway to highlight the 17th Anniversary of Sears Hometown stores, resulted in launching this promotion and offering consumers chance to win a Toyota Tundra. 65,000+ entries. 55,000+ opt-ins.

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  • Second City Canine Resuce

    Second City Canine Resuce

    Seriously?  How could we not jump at the chance to help such an awesome startup in Chicago, dedicated towards enriching the lives of dogs at their no-kill shelter!  We helped SSCR with a new site to promote their puppies and help their cause!

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  • Serta / American Idol

    Serta / American Idol

    Challenged with getting people in-store, taking a "Rest Test," and activating the Serta sponsorship of American Idol, the agency was challenged to develop a campaign that helped our clients sleep at night.

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  • Serta Home Sweepstakes
  • Softek
  • Sponsormaker (Video)

    Sponsormaker (Video)

    After launching the new custom eCommerce site, Clique produced a slice-of-life video that tells a cohesive story of an organization looking for a sponsor, and how Sponsormaker can help.

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  • Step Up! Rwanda Women

    Step Up! Rwanda Women

    Step Up is an organization designed to bring hope to the survivors of the Rwandan Genocide. Clique Studios donated them a web home.

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  • The Burn Machine

    The Burn Machine

    With UFC Fighters and many pro teams such as the Detroit Lions trusting in their product, we helped work with the Burn Machine team to implement an ecommerce solution to bring their product to market online.

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  • Two Buck Duck

    Two Buck Duck

    A Chicago legend, as seen on NBC. TBD brings $2 deals to tens of thousands Chicagoans on a daily basis.

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  • Urban View

    Urban View

    The properties of Urban View Development are absolutely awe-inspiring.

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  • Vantage Yacht Club

    Vantage Yacht Club

    Clique Studios delivers an online presence for Vantage Yacht Club, a revolutionary private membership club launched right here in Chicago. Members will have online access for special events, scheduling time on the water, and more through a custom member portal. 

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  • Varsity Vocals

    Varsity Vocals

    Varsity Vocals is a leading A Cappella organization that creates programs and competitions worldwide for high school and college students. Clique Studios provided a beautiful design, high-powered CMS, and much more.

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  • WerkJerks (Video)

    WerkJerks (Video)

    To celebrate the launch of the WerkJerks search for a CVO (Chief Venting Officer), Clique directed and produced a buzz video to entice users to apply.

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  • Wingman Promotions

    Wingman Promotions

    A burgeoning entertainment franchise in Chicago, Wingman Promotions came to us looking for a solution that was sleek, engaging and interactive -- and, understandably, cooler than us.

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