Gorillascan Lets You Update Where Your QR Code Points

Gorillascan is the easiest QR Code Marketing Tool on the internet. What is unique about this service is that you can update where you QR points to anytime you want, even after it's been printed and placed somewhere. We also made it so you can track how many times your QR has been scanned, allowing you to use Gorillascan as more than just a QR Code Generator, it's QR Management.

Step 1: Create Your Free Account

Step 2: Create Your First Scan code

  • Pick a URL to Point it to

  • Enter the location where you want to place it

  • Paste your Google Analytics tracking code

  • Save Your Scan and update ANY aspect of it later

Step 3: Place Your Code Somewhere

  • You can save it and Print right from your computer

  • We also offer many discounted products to place your code on (Mugs, T-Shirt, Stickers, Coasters, You Name it!)

Step 4: Manage Your Scan

  • Use your Google Analytics Account to track how many times your code has been scanned

  • Update the URL your scan points to

  • Update the Location of your scan

  • Create as many more QR Codes as you wish!

It's Really Free? Why?

Yes it's free, because it should be. We know that providing a free service that's super useful might open the doors when users want to expand their use of QR for serious marketing and mobile website development. We have an array of services to help you get the most out of QR Codes for your business.

Contact us today and we'll help your business make money with QR technology, and we'll make you look good in the process.