CLIQUE is a digital design and marketing agency

proudly based in Chicago.

Our Story

Started in 2003, the founders are now joined by a growing cast of talented people who do brilliant things. We have launched hundreds of successful, engaging projects for some of the largest (and smallest) brands in the world, including Sears, Motorola, Crate + Barrel, Serta, and dozens of successful startups. Our work has received millions of hits and worldwide press.

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Our Offices

We recently moved the new HQ down the street to the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Avenue. We’re glad we did. In the heart of the Chicago Loop, and overlooking Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park and the lake, we truly believe we’re now in the coolest building in the city we love.

Built in 1884 for the Studebaker Company, the building is in the National Historic Register, and once held the offices of Frank Lloyd Wright and Lorado Taft. The rooms are now filled with dozens of artists, including orchestras, opera singers, interior design studios, violin makers, art galleries, and more. With the only manually operated elevators in town, even the elevator ride can be an experience.

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