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Tuesday, April 02, 2013 — by Kate Moon

Clique Studios has been busy over the last few weeks with exciting work worth mentioning in web design, mobile commerce and ecommerce.

New Site Launch: Tennessee Junk Cars

TN Junk Cars approached Clique Studios to create a new marketing website for its car trade-in business. The objective was to create a fresh design that would allow viewers to get a quote for their car. TN Junk Cars wanted a website with buzz worthy design and a simple user experience that would captivate its audience and promote sharing among friends. Using HTML5 animations and CSS3, Clique built the custom quote calculator to feature their higher quotes for junk cars compared to their competition.

Upon launch of the site, new car acquisitions started immediately with organic traffic on par with paid search in the first week. The success of the design is going beyond the web as the homepage has already been converted to a billboard advertisement which will push traffic to a mobile version of the site.


Smashing Magazine: Clique Partner Derek Nelson Writes on Mobile eCommerce Strategies

This March, Clique Studios was thrilled to contribute an article to Smashing Magazine, a leading user experience industry publication. Partner and Creative Director, Derek Nelson gives an in-depth look at important best practices to create the best user experience.

As mobile commerce continues to grow, mobile design needs to reflect a simple, user-friendly checkout process. At the end of the day, the shopper needs to have an easy way to complete a purchase. Derek’s article offers solid tips on how to design mobile commerce checkouts, what’s being done well, and why it’s so important to think about issues like geolocation, leveraging UI elements, simplifying fields, and showing checkout progress.

Mobile commerce is just starting to reach its full potential. Smart companies realize that their revenue will be positively impacted with a well-designed checkout process.


DDI System Conference: Clique Partner Ted Novak Speaks on eCommerce for B2B Businesses Undergoing B2C Transition

We were honored to have Clique Studios’ own Ted Novak speak at DDI System’s recent annual User Conference. DDI provides premiere software solutions for wholesale distributors. An industry that has companies that have been successful for decades without the need for an online shopping component now have the opportunity to enhance their existing B2B relationships while opening new doors to B2C marketing through ecommerce and enhancing their online presence.

Ted’s presentation explained how these companies can look at their business's online channels differently. Ted highlighted the new Inform Ecommerce 2 platform that our team helped implement to enhance DDI's B2B focused platform, and dove deeper into our DDI integrated Magento solution for those looking to move more aggressively into the B2C market.  Using case studies, Ted showed how design, SEO, and SEM not only build presence and market a brand, but are now key components in today's competitive online marketplace. 

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