Gorillascan Now Supports Blackberry!

Sunday, April 17, 2011 — by Derek Nelson

Create your codes with confidence!   Gorillascan was recently upgraded to let the corporate folks in on the fun.   Blackberry phones like to throw curve balls with compatibility in the mobile world, specifically when working with javascript.   The Gorillascan URL management system has been recently re-developed to support scanning with these little rascals of the corporate world.

Already using Gorillascan codes? No problem!   The update was seamless and all existing codes will inherit the upgrade automatically.

Revenge of the Electric Car Trailer QR Poster

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 — by Derek Nelson

QR Video Trailers are becoming a popular trend in using movie posters for creating a dynamic experience for consumers.   Clique Studios recently launched a website for the upcoming documentary "Revenge of the Electric Car", and leveraged Gorillascan to help promote their trailer as part of the campaign.

Chicago Sees its First Gigantic QR Code!

Friday, December 10, 2010 — by Derek Nelson

Near the corner of Polk and Clark street in the South Loop of Chicago, the first oversized QR code has popped up in Chicago.   Palmer Printing, a leader in variable data printing (a technology used for mass QR code printing) joined forces with Clique Studios, a Chicago based interactive and web strategy firm, to bring local advertising to the next level through the use of QR.

Neighborhood locals and passers by will be able to scan the gigantic QR Code each day to instantly receive a deal within walking distance of the code to a local establishment.

While Palmer and Clique are interested in promoting the use of the technology their firms are delivering for their clients, ultimately they are looking to drive sales to the local businesses in their neighborhood for the benefit of community.

Clique Studios uses QR Codes on New Business Cards

Monday, December 06, 2010 — by Derek Nelson

Clique Studios, a Chicago Web Development company, has recently utilized QR codes on their business cards to automatically import their contact information to a user's contacts in their mobile phone.

"Not only does it make for a great conversation piece and a memorable card that we think a prospect might be inclined to hold onto, but the practicality is pretty incredible.   There's a whole marketplace creating solutions for scanning the business cards you collect at trade shows into a usable database.   QR practically makes those products obsolete."

- Ted Novak
Clique Studios, Partner

Clique Studios is not the first company to use QR on business cards and in fact have deployed not only contact imports, but other QR technology on the business cards of their clients.   Contact them today to see how they can assist with your QR Marketing Strategy.

Clique Studios is a group of interactive professionals who think big and design bigger and specialize in Chicago web development. At Clique Studios we build beautiful, bold websites that build relationships and sell products.

QR Is Fun, But Let's Get Down to Business

Sunday, December 05, 2010 — by Derek Nelson

The use of QR codes has grown by 700% in 2010 in the United States alone. This is a great thing, as it proves this marketing channel is catching on with consumers. However, it does put QR Marketers who don't have a strategy in place at risk of taking full advantage.

QR in the US is still not quite a household term.   Marketers need to understand that there is a period of trial and error with campaigns, and even the the most innovative and creative QR idea may not be successful because people may not understand the technology yet.

Gorillascan is the first free online tool that will help you be successful in this process.   There are many free online QR generators; the difference with is that you can manage your code once it is created.   This allows you to track the success of you campaign you initiate, and if you decide you should use your code for something different based on the traffic and actions you are getting from your existing code, Gorillascan allows you to change where it points at any time.  No need to re-create your code, tear down the banner on your storefront, or re-print business cards.

If you are having difficulty using your QR code successfully for your business, the team at Clique Studios are experts in QR strategy and mobile content.   Clique Studios is a Chicago based group of interactive professionals who specialize in Chicago web development. At Clique Studios, we build great looking websites that build relationships and sell products.

Clique Studios Presents: Gorillascan

Sunday, November 21, 2010 — by Derek Nelson

Clique Studios is a premiere web design firm hailing from Chicago. Like many others, when we came across QR codes, we couldn't believe the potential they have to merge physical advertising with the dynamic content of the internet. With our expertise delivering online and mobile web solutions, we got a bit excited.

With Gorillascan, once your FREE QR CODE is created, you can re-direct where it points. Forever. This means that a code placed on the window of your business can point users to something different every day of the week, or every minute of the day if you want. Gorillascan is the "CTRL+Z" for the world of physical ad placements.

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