Evidence of Desire - Lexi Blake

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Because I’m a firm believer of an endless supply of second chances, I’m a sucker for a story about redemption. So Lexi Blake’s Evidence of Desire was exactly what I wanted in a romance. 

Shell Shockers full version.

Isla Shayne is the personal lawyer for NFL living legend, Trey Adams, who suffers from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (or CTE) and is accused of murdering his wife. Blake treats this very real issue with great respect, and instead of handling it with kid gloves, delves right into the realities of dealing with such a debilitating disease and its unpredictable nature.

Knowing she’s in over her head given the criminal charges leveled against her client, Isla calls in defense attorney David Cormack. As a former football player and Harvard-educated attorney, he’s the perfect person to defend Trey, but it also puts the specter of his own potential for developing CTE front and center in his mind. It wreaks havoc on David’s psyche and his ability to trust his rapidly growing feelings for Isla. If not for her bravery in opening her heart to David, they might never experience more from each other than a sexy one-night stand.

Both Isla and David are compelling, complex characters. Both have experienced the highs and lows of football—David as a player, and Isla as the former fiancé of a player who died from leukemia. But whereas David drags his feet at the thought of involving someone he loves into a life that could turn out like Trey Adams’, Isla faces her feelings with a hard-won knowledge that you have to live—and love—for today.

Evidence of Desire is a finely tuned blend of sexy romance and dramatic suspense, with a deep lineup of captivating characters. Blake sets an exciting pace that twists and turns, and surprises the reader with an unexpected reveal late in the game. You’ll need to budget your time with this book, because it is un-put-down-able.

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